Why we do it

On the busy atoll of South Tarawa there is often very little room for sporting fields and facilities. One sees the children playing on the road because they have nowhere else to go, but surfing can open up the whole ocean to them. On the Outer Islands there is often a lack the funding to build expensive facilities like tennis and basketball courts, but the waves roll in almost every day un-ridden. The potential is obvious.

The KSA has already begun to teach local children to surf. With more equipment and support it can publicise and hold more learn to surf days in the villages. These will include basic water safety training and beach clean up activities to raise awareness of caring for our coastlines.

We also have a desire for exploration. With so many atolls, islets, channels and reef formations surrounding our country, the opportunities are truly endless when it comes to surfing exploration. 

The KSA also wishes to advocate the sustainable use of the coastal and marine environment to ensure that the natural resources of Kiribati are maintained and sustainably utilised for the use by future generations, including for recreation.

The KSA lessons include beach clean up activities to raise awareness of caring for our coastlines.

Kiribati is a developing country that often lacks sufficient education systems, infrastructure and resources required for adequate waste management.

Through surfing, a greater understanding of the importance of healthy marine ecosystems can be developed. It is hoped that this will lead to more sustainable community based coastal management and stewardship.