Accessing the Outer Islands

Currently, Air Kiribati is unable to transport multiple surfboards to Outer Islands, however until this issue is resolved, there are a number of islands within 4hrs of Tarawa. These include North Tarawa, Abaiang, Maiana and Marakei. 

CPPL boat hire usually has craft available as long as you book in advance. This will ensure that you can safely transport boards and other items safely to the outer islands. The KSA has a certified guesthouse on Marakei (Island Council), with a 30m paddle to some fantastic waves. More information on contacting outer island accommodation providers can be found on the Kiribati Tourism Website.

There are also fantastic opportunities for surfing on both Kiritimati and Fanning islands, far off to the east in the Line Islands Group. Fiji Airlines connects to Kiritimati from Nadi, Fiji. There is then a short plane trip north until you reach the famed Left Handers of Fanning Island. Book in advance. The Sunset Horizon Motel is a KSA certified, locally run accommodation provider. 

Mary's Motel (based on Tarawa) also rents boats that make access to many nearby islands a mere couple of hours away. Please contact them for more information on pricing. Mary's Motel is also a really comfortable accomodation provider.