What we do

The KSA is spreading its wings to the many outer islands of our beautiful nation. With the hope of securing a clubhouse and accommodation on Marakei, the KSA will continue its positive influence on the youth of Kiribati and also our visiting surfer friends.

Our mission: To bring the sport of surfing to the people of the Republic of Kiribati.

The nation of Kiribati covers 3.5 million square kilometres of the Central Pacific Ocean. Amongst this there are 33 tiny islands spread out across 3 main groups. These islands are open to swells from both the North and South Pacific and many of them have rideable surf.

Whilst the I-Kiribati are naturals in the ocean and fearless amongst the waves, very few people have access to surfing equipment, safety training or even basic lessons. Surfing is now a healthy pursuit practiced by millions world wide, yet it is not common here. With some support Kiribati can become a great surfing nation.

The traditional form of board riding in Kiribati is named Karibaba. It refers to riding the white water of the broken wave on planks of wood, or generally anything that the kids can get their hands on. Our goal is to get them on their feet and watch their pleasures of riding surfboards

We surf as often as we can, with as many people as we can. So whether you are visiting for a holiday, staying for the short term or thinking of making the move to Tarawa, get in touch, bring your boards, and lets continue the positive influence that surfing brings to our community.